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Praise for past books . . . 

"From the very first page, readers are drawn into Gutta Mamis like they never imagined. These stories, chronicling the lives of powerful, ruthless and cunning women, are sure to have everyone breathless with anticipation as the stories move from scene to scene. A MUST-READ!"  

―TRACY BROWN, national bestselling author of Single Black Female

"A fascinating novel of secrets and seduction....N'Tyse cleverly delivers all that her name stands for: Never Tell Your Secrets."

―ZANE, New York Times bestselling author of Addicted 

"Twisted Seduction takes you on a wild r
ide that is filled with shocking twists and turns. Prepare yourself to be highly entertained and deeply indulged in this page-turning novel that N'Tyse has crafted like no other!"

―BRENDA HAMPTON, national bestselling author of Who Ya Wit

“As a fellow woman in the literary game, I feel a special joy when I see women put it down. N’Tyse has done it again with this [Outlaw Mamis] gritty, skillfully crafted tale of greed, lust, deception, and the hustle. She takes you through the streets and holds you hostage until the very last sentence.” 

―DANIELLE MARCUS, author of book-to-film hit Plug Love


"I would read this book [Twisted Seduction] a few more times if I could fit it into my schedule. N'Tyse did her thing with this one! ... So glad I read this, and you should too. I'm just saying."

AMAZON Reviewer, Alexandrea Ward

"I knew when I read N'Tyse's first book that she was sure to have as long of a writing career as she wanted. Her skills in telling a great story were evident even then, and with her new book TWISTED SEDUCTION she turns it up another notch, and her readers are more than eager to take the ride with her."

―C.A. WEBB "Conversations Book Club"


“From the first page, my mouth was agape and it intrigued me to read more. This is why I enjoy reading N'Tyse's work, because of the shock factor she creates within the first five pages. Love it! The characters were captivating, and the storylines were hot to death. Just when you THINK you have it figured out, N'Tyse flips the script and surprises you.” 

―AMAZON Reviewer, Martin Soli Roy

"Urban fiction readers will rejoice at the tight writing, authentic street slang, and bold push-the-envelope-sensational stories. Even though these ladies are nasty...female readers will secretly cheer for these hardened women who are equally ruthless as street literature's hard-core male characters."


Twisted Vows of Seduction by N'Tyse is exactly what a book should be in my opinion. The drama, the fun, the deceit, the games, and the twists and turns kept me intrigued!!!

―GOODREADS Librarian, Tiffany Tyler

“If you have been sleeping on this author, you need to wake up and buckle up as you are on a rollercoaster ride of drama, deceit and secrets. As you read her novels, you will see Karma is indeed a B*tch.”

―LISA MUHAMMAD, avid reader

“One of our top bestsellers and book club favorites. N’Tyse will take the literary world by storm. An author to watch!”

―JOKAE'S African American Books, Mrs. Til

"N'Tyse came out the gate swinging and earned her spot on our street lit fiction bestsellers list!" 


“If you have read any of N'TYSE's prior novels then you know she definitely brings the drama. Looking for a book to finish reading in one day, this [Twisted Seduction] is definitely one! 5 STARS for the drama rush on every page.”

―AMAZON Reviewer, TLJ Bookstore


N'TYSE, a native of Dallas, Texas, is a wife and mother of two who adeptly manages her creative pursuits as a novelist, screenwriter, and film producer. Having retired from the corporate world after twelve years as a personal banker, due to a bedridden pregnancy, N’Tyse embarked on a new pursuit and made her passion her purpose. She now seamlessly blends her innate storytelling skills and fervor for books, documentaries, and films to write and produce gripping American female-centric dramas and psychological thrillers. N'Tyse's literary works have garnered recognition in esteemed publications such as Library Journal, Black Expressions, USA Today, and Dallas Morning News. She holds a B.A. from Arizona State University, where she concentrated on Creative Writing and Film/Media Studies, implementing a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach. N'Tyse's exceptional talents and versatility shine through both her individual body of work and her collaborative endeavors. The creative visionary’s first independently produced book-to-film adaptation, Gutta Mamis, streams on multiple digital video platforms, including Tubi and Peacock. The feature film was acquired by Maverick Entertainment Group, a modest budget motion picture and DVD distribution company. The release of Gutta Mamis marked a significant milestone in N'Tyse's filmmaking debut, establishing her as an avant-garde trailblazer of independent book-to-film productions. Adapted from her novella "Chasers," the neo-noir crime drama surpassed her expectations and grossed six-figures following its November 2020 release. Emphasizing the creative ingenuity and sacrifices made from pre-production to the tight eight-day shooting schedule, N'Tyse humorously refers to the project as her "urban Blair Witch student film," shedding light on the accomplishments achieved within a shoestring budget of five thousand dollars. N'Tyse decided to explore her creative potential and, in doing so, she developed and co-wrote various projects, including Bid for Love, a romantic drama that became an original television film on BET. As the founder and CEO of Boss Magnet Media-an indie film production hub committed to revitalizing and adapting literary properties on microbudgets-she and her team successfully developed and produced multiple urban cautionary tales, including the book-to-film adaptations Trap Soldiers, No Better Love, and Dishonorable, all written by fellow authors and emerging filmmakers. N'Tyse's unwavering dedication and affinity for identifying culturally resonant content with compelling narratives and universal themes firmly solidify her position in the entertainment sector. Her ultimate aspiration is to curate and acquire content that attracts influential partners, enabling the production of larger-scale projects for TV/film and new media platforms. N'Tyse's latest literary offering is the co-written novel "Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars," a poignant and sweeping coming-of-age romance that immerses readers in the depths of Black love and explores the profound impact of childhood trauma bonds, the weight of generational curses, and the lasting imprints of love scars. Inspired by real events, the captivating novel serves as a testament to the transformative power of forgiveness and the beauty of second chances. Similar to N’Tyse’s previous novels that delve into affairs of the heart, Soldiers of Love seeks to liberate and empower readers, inspiring them to embark on their personal voyage of self-discovery. As the story unfolds, it weaves together a tapestry of shattered promises, opportunities for redemption, and unconditional love, uniting readers with a dynamic cast of characters who live and love fearlessly and unapologetically. "Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars" is the author’s most heartfelt novel to date.

FACEBOOK: @authorntyse
INSTAGRAM: @ntysethecreator



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